Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 5 April 2019.

Home Business Bootcamp and Affiliate Marketing Training with George Kosch for 5 April 2019


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In this information-dense training session, George Kosch World Profit CEO, Co-Founder and Bootcamp Training Instructor, focused on training topics with one central purpose - to help you grow your own successful online business - and how to make the best use of the many tools and resources in your World Profit Member area.  Members are encouraged to ask questions during these bootcamp training sessions to get the most out of your understanding and opportunity to learn from George Kosch's years of experience.

Training Theme: World Profit's One Stop Business Shop

It doesn't matter if you are promoting only World Profit, or you are promoting your own affiliate links.  Your World Profit Member area includes everything you need to grow your online business. That includes web site hosting, website management software, promotion aids, specialized software,  newsletter, lead generation, traffic sources, blogging, creating ebooks, organizational tools, creating your social footprint, branding yourself, resources specialized for the affiliate marketing industry, it's all at World Profit. 


Use the tools included in your World Profit Silver or Platinum VIP Membership to build your legitimate online business

World Profit's LIVE Business Center 
There is no other system like this anywhere on the internet.
Join our Monitor team to earn some nice traffic and cash bonuses. Training provided.  Submit a Support ticket we will send details.

THANK YOU to our current Monitor Team!
You stepped up and you stand out!   
If one of our Monitors has closed a sale for you, how about sending them a THANK YOU note personally.
Our Monitors make it easy for you.
 You promote - then your referrals login, then the Monitors assist them to learn about World Profit and the services we offer. 
When someone you refer purchases one or more of World Profit's services, YOU get the commission.
World Profit's system is unique, no where else will you find this kind of sales closing assistance 24 hours a day

Featured World Profit products and service updates

1.  World Profit's ClickBank Super Store - pre-loaded with nearly 10,000 products 

Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit's CLICKBANK Superstore: https://worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=884
Watch the Overview and HELP Video of World Profit's CLICKBANK Sale Manager: https://www.worldprofittube.com/video.cfm?videoID=886

2. World Profit's Classified Ad System

Worldprofit Members  get both a plugin for your site AND can post UNLIMITED ads. 
George Kosch demonstrated what it is and how to use it. 
Includes customization features - change your main page image, the title etc to make your site unique.

3.  UPGRADED Traffic Injections!

We recently  INCREASED the inclusions in the MONTHLY TRAFFIC Injection for World Profit Platinum VIP Members.
Silver members continue to get a BASIC Traffic injection of free ad credits, while PLATINUM VIP Members enjoy an even BIGGER MEGABLASTER injection.

World Profit Platinum VIP Members get MORE Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads, and Ad Credits at 18 top traffic sites - this is real value - if you purchased all that we've included it would be about $200 in advertising EVERY month.  Use this advertising to promote ANY Affiliate program, it doesn't have to be Worldprofit.  Use your included Worldprofit REMINDER service to send yourself a reminder of when your next Traffic Injection can be activated.  


We appreciate everyone who attended World Profit’s LIVE home business and affiliate marketing training presented by World Profit Inc, with  instructor George Kosch. 

Here's the link to watch the April 5,  2019  RECORDING 


World Profit's next LIVE interactive training bootcamp with George Kosch is  Friday April 12,  2019.

A few comments from Worldprofit training participants

Sheryl: Wow - This is great.  Thanks
Mary: Call Loop is excellent, gets rid of the TIRE kickers
Sheryl: Thank you about explaining about email and the autoresponders.  This was very helpful George.  
Sheryl: Thank you.  I was trying to figure this out yesterday about whitelisting.
Brian: If I get ssl for my domain will  the capture pages be secure also
Tania: Thank you George. Have a great weekend
Sheryl: No all very helpful today.  I have allot of work to do.  This will make things easier.
Elder: Thanks
Kelly: How important is getting ranked on Alexa?
Sheryl: All questions addressed and very clear.?
Vijian: Thank You George
Lee: Thank you very much?
Cissy: to be a monitor, do you have to know everything about World Profit?
Linda: awesome as usual George thank you.

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